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We provide a large array of structural work and repairs to ensure the integrity and safety of your property. Ranging from minor maintenance tasks to major structural enhancements;

Roof maintenance and repairs are essential to prevent leaks and further damage. Repairs may include fixing damaged tiles, replacing flashing, and addressing leaks. Chimney repairs may include re-pointing, rebuilding, relining, or removing the chimney if it’s no longer in use.

Damp problems can lead to mold and damage. Damp proofing treatments, like damp-proof courses (DPC) or tanking, can mitigate moisture-related issues.

If cavity wall ties corrode, it can lead to instability. Replacing ties with modern, corrosion-resistant materials is a common repair.

Underpinning is a process to strengthen and stabilize foundations. It’s typically used when the foundation has settled unevenly or has become unstable.

Damaged or rotting beams and joists in the floor or roof may need replacement to maintain structural integrity.

Re-pointing or replacing damaged bricks, stones, or mortar is essential for maintaining the structural stability and appearance of the home.

Adding or upgrading insulation in the walls, roof, and floors to improve energy efficiency and structural stability.

Repairs to drainage systems, including drainpipes and sewage lines, may be necessary to prevent water damage and structural issues.

Foundation issues can jeopardise the structural integrity of a home. Repairs may involve underpinning, crack sealing, or addressing subsidence.

Cracks in walls, especially structural walls, need immediate attention. Repairs may involve reinforcing walls, filling cracks, or addressing underlying causes.

Lintels support the load above openings like doors and windows. Damaged lintels may need replacement to maintain structural integrity.

In severe cases of damage, walls may need to be partially or entirely rebuilt to ensure structural stability.

Replacing damaged window sills and lintels is important for maintaining both the structure and weatherproofing of the home.

Subsidence, caused by soil movement, can result in cracks and structural issues. Repairs may involve underpinning, soil stabilisation, or other measures.

After severe weather events, homes may require repairs to address storm damage, such as fallen trees, roof damage, or flooding.

Crack stitching involves reinforcing masonry walls with steel bars and epoxy resin to repair and stabilize cracks

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